Slide Creating Leaders of Tomorrow. A study* shows that by age 6, girls are less likely than boys to think that they can be brilliant. Empowering Girls of Today. We must change that mindset among all girls in San Antonio.
* Science – Jan. 27, 2017:Vol. 355, Issue 6323, pp. 389-391Gender Stereotypes About Intellectual Ability Emerge Early and Influence Children’s Interests – Authors: Lin Bian, Sarah-Jane Leslie, Andrei Cimpian

Grant applications open May 1, 2021

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Women & Girls Development Fund Mission

Grants through the Women & Girls Development Fund (WGDF) support non-profit organizations in San Antonio that are focused on leadership development for women and girls in our community. Through the fund, the objective is to empower women and girls to find the confidence they need to become leaders. It is important that we prioritize the sustainability of these important non-profit organizations. We must help promote a broader concept of leadership. We believe that leadership free of gender bias with a foundation of empowerment is crucial in order to lead others.

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Making A Difference

2019 Recipient Communities in Schools - San Antonio
2019 Recipient Communities in Schools - San Antonio
2019 Recipient Crosspoint, Inc.
2019 Recipient Crosspoint, Inc.
2018 Recipient Visitation Home Ministries
2018 Recipient Visitation Home Ministries
2018 Recipient YWCA
2018 Recipient YWCA
2018 Recipient Girls Inc.
2018 Recipient Girls Inc.

The Women & Girls Development Fund (WGDF) is a community outreach fund of the San Antonio Area Foundation that promotes philanthropy and supports non-profit organizations serving women and girls in the San Antonio area through leadership development programs. Since 2012, WGDF has distributed more than $200,000 to charitable programs. The WGDF receives administrative support from the Area Foundation and all grant decisions are made by the fund through their designated representatives.

Uniting Women FOR Women and Girls in Our Community.

The Women & Girls Development Fund builds a community of women who create positive change through philanthropy. Dedicated volunteers are engaged in fund development and the strategic direction of the WGDF.

Steering Committee

Martin Acevedo
Tessa Benavides-Cooper
Erika Borrego
Kelli Cubeta
Andrea Figueroa
Monica Garza
Laura Hotten
Erin Huddleston
Gwendolyn Jaramillo
Jamie Kowalski
Jonhette Lee
Beverley McClure
Celina Montoya
Erika Mullins
Vanessa Ramon
Vanessa Said
Victoria Salgado Diggs
Angie Salinas
Anamaria Suescun- Fast
Yorka Velasco

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